National Bow Tie Day is an annual celebration of the art of dressing well. It takes place every year on August 28!

George Clooney Bow Tie

It’s a proven fact that the better you look, the more you will be seen. We’re talking about your physical appearance, your style, your carriage, and your demeanor. The art of dressing well and being mindful about details extends far beyond aesthetics. It’s about confidence, and putting your best foot forward in all that you do. One of the most symbolic expressions of dressing well and doing well is the bow tie.

Bow ties have a long history of prominence in the menswear world, dating back as far as the 17th century, when soldiers in the Prussian Wars used a piece of knotted fabric to hold together their shirts. It is said that the modern shape of the bow tie was finalized in 1870, and the bow has only seen minor changes in shape and width ever since. Over the years, bow ties have ebbed and flowed in popularity. The early 20th century saw a prominence of bow tie usage that was so prevalent that it might as well have been a uniform. This popularity diminished sharply, though, during the World Wars, when fabric was scarce and bow ties were cast aside for looser, less structured attire.

Today, bow ties are reemerging yet again. These elusive accessories are worn by influential characters (both real and fictional), political leaders, intellectuals, chefs, and famous men and women alike, and for good reason. The bow tie is a style statement that, simply, never goes unnoticed.

So, join the ranks of sartorial excellence. This August (and all year-round), tie one on, and celebrate National Bow Tie Day in style.

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